Brand Name





BATHROOM, Bedroom, Garden, Living Room

Electric Heater Type

Fan Heater


<800W, 900W





Heating Element


Model Number

Electric Heater

Number of Speed Settings

Third Gear

Area Heated


Voltage (V)





Adjustable Thermostat

Item name

Electric Heater


220V(AU Plug), 110V(US Plug)

Suitable for

Office, Living room, reading room, bedroom


for Home

Heater for Home

Room Heater


Foot Warmer

Warmer Blower

Portable Bladeless Fan Heater

Wall Handy Heating

Office heater

Home Heater

Warm machine

Ceramic Heating Element

Adjustable Thermostat

8 reviews for Mini Fan Heater Electric 900W Handy Heating Warmer Machine With Remote

  1. Shopper

    I turn this little thing on about 20 mins before I get in the shower and it keep it pleasantly is a great little size and it is perfect.

  2. Shopper

    If you want to know how much I love these heaters know this…I ordered 4!!! They are excellent at heating up a room and I cannot say enough good things about these little warmers!

  3. Shopper

    Very easy to use. it automatically reached the desired temperature and cut off. We continued to use them even after the furnace was replaced because it allowed us to turn the house thermostat down and have controlled heating in the kids rooms. Keeping the utility bill low. Highly recommended product. Very quiet and efficient.

  4. Shopper

    I bought this for an outdoor cat house that I built. It is insulated and built just like a house with 2×4 walls, siding and interior walls.Also the cat house is fine and built with safety in mind and is set at 65 (or 19 on this device).The cat loves it.

  5. Shopper

    Great little heater

  6. Shopper

    This small heater does the job! I bought this to replace a more expensive space heater which died after 3 years. I was anxious because it is so small and lightweight, but it is excellent. Also quiet and lightweight. Now I hope it lasts.

  7. Shopper


  8. Shopper

    I’m very pleased with this purchase.I purchased 2 units and they warm the bathroom and my Mom’s room very well,just turn it on a few minutes before she goes in & no more complaints of it being too cold.

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