Mini Fan Heater Electric 900W Handy Heating Warmer Machine With Remote


(Free shipping) 900W Wall Electric Heater Mini Fan Heater Desktop Household Wall Handy Heating Stove Radiator Warmer Machine With Remote.

  • Buttons Controls of Everything: HIGH, LOW,
  • Temperature control system: When heat exceeds and it will turn off.
  • Plugs: The swivel plug is easy to use.
  • Room Temperature: The heater stopped working with room temperature is the same as a heater.
  • Can use on: Bathrooms, Offices, Campers, Basements, Garages, homes, Drom Rooms, Living Rooms, work station.
  • LED Display
  • Space friendly: Small in size.
  • Safe Ceramic Heating Element.
  • Stay-Cool Plastic Housing.
  • Whisper-Quiet operation.

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